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The Art of Her Project | Becky Wesoloski

June 28, 20238 min read

The Art of Her Project | Becky Wesoloski

In a world where self-definition often succumbs to societal expectations, there are remarkable individuals who break free from the mold, embracing their true strength and empowering themselves to achieve greatness.

Becky, is a woman who, through self-discovery and unwavering determination, has transformed her life and confidence with choice after choice of stepping out of her comfort zone.

From taking the leap of faith to literally move across the country knowing not a single soul, to pursuing her passion and creating a business-- both which required overcoming doubts and fears; to embracing challenges head-on. Becky's journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and the resilience of the human spirit.

I am so excited to welcome you on this journey of Becky, as we explore the empowering narrative of a woman who defies pre set limitations and embarks on her path of self-discovery, triumph, and personal growth.

This is the Art of Becky.

This is the Art of Her.

Becky Art of her project Tucson Arizona

Interview with Becky Wesoloski

Jessica: Tell us about you, The woman.

Becky: I am Becky with many titles but none of those define me more than my character and the strength, perseverance, power, and confidence I have found. It has been over the last two years and specifically the last six months that I have really stepped into my power and became the strong, confident woman I am today. This has come from really getting to know myself, my experiences, and finding such joy in kettlebell training. I am a business owner, equestrian, and health and wellness enthusiast. I am a facilitator of healing, helping fellow athletes and providers overcome pain and perform better. I do this through strength training, massage, stretching, and energy healing. I absolutely love what I can offer for other people but what allows me to do that so well is taking care of self. My perfect day is riding horses and kettlebell training with my mentor/friend where I get to play around with movement and see how it has an affect on my riding! Kettlebell training has transformed my life in so many ways mentally and physically. It has given me such strength and confidence I didn't know I had which now shows up in my life every day.

Jessica: Tells us about Your Story.

Becky: Born and raised in Wisconsin, I moved out here on my own in 2014 not knowing a soul but just knew deep down that there was something more out there, a whole other world to see and experience. So I took the leap and moved.

Back in 2017, I was at a crossroads of really not enjoying my full time job that had regular pay and benefits. I was suffering physically from the demands as well as mentally working as a vet tech. I was losing my love for animals which is what brought me into the field initially, and I was good at it but getting burnt out. I had been working on the side as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor which I was really enjoying it. I was getting back to my roots of growing up playing sports and going through training and wellness programs to be the best I could be at my sport. I had lost that and felt like I lost myself when I stopped playing sports just prior to college. I knew something had to change but the idea of letting go of regular pay and benefits was terrifying.

But I did it, and I am still here and thriving! Taking the leap of faith to follow my passion and what I felt deep down has been the best decision I have ever made!

Becky Wesoloski Art of Her Project Tucson Arizona

Jessica: Tell me about a specific experience as it surrounds your story of what you had to endure or work through as you pushed to rise?

Becky: Taking the leap of faith to move away from home and eventually start my own business and leave the full time regular paying job with benefits was not without its struggles. I had to overcome the doubts and fears of those closest to me that I couldn't make it here in Arizona on my own, that it wasn't smart to give up a regular job to work for myself and the uncertainty that comes with that. Not only did I have to do my best to drown out others, but I had my own self doubt and fears of whether I would fail or not. But as Wayne Gretzky said "you miss 100% of the shots you never take." So take that shot. This is still a quote I live by today. What have you got to lose?

Jessica: What would you say you learned about yourself during this event? About others?

Becky:  I was fortunate to have many people who were cheering me on though, telling me their own stories of overcoming the fear and self doubt, and ears to listen and give advice where needed. There are multiple times that I wanted to give up and go back to working a "normal" job. I am incredibly grateful to have the grit to dig deep, reach out for help, and have one person in particular who knew exactly where I was at and talk me out of quitting, helping me find my power and the will to keep going. She reminded me every day that I can do hard things, and we live by this in our gym ecosystem. Every day I am proud of myself for continuing to dig deep and keep going.

Jessica: Do you feel being a woman had any significant bearing on this event?

Becky: I don't know that my gender had anything to do with it more so than the discipline, grit, intuition, and strength I developed growing up in the sports world and having parents who would never let me give up as a child. So why would I start now as an adult. I grew up playing ice hockey with the boys and always felt I could do anything they could and more. My dad always used to say "your mind is like a parachute, it works best when its open."

Becky Wesoloski Art of Her Tucson Arizona Photography by Jessica Korff

Jessica: How did this change you?

Becky: I really learned that the things that scare you the most, are the things you should probably do. Take the leap and do it scared. I love the person I have become since taking a chance on myself.

Jessica: What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Becky: You can do anything you want to do. Don't be afraid to just try something. You will figure it out. The worst that happens is you get a lesson to learn from and do it differently next time or it works out beautifully. Never stop learning and it's okay to change your mind. Many people will come and go in your life; don't force people to stay in your life; keep growing and being you; the right ones will stay. 

Jessica: What gets you up in the morning?

Becky: I am excited to get up every morning! I get to move my body doing whatever feels good that day and help others do the same! I get to wake up and work on the things I'm passionate about. Working on and in my business is so fun even through the struggles because I get to do whatever I want and try new things. I genuinely love helping other people and solving the puzzle of what may be causing them to not be able to move their best. And I'm not alone because I get to work in this great ecosystem where I have fellow business owners in the health and wellness field who motivate me daily. I am also blessed to get to ride horses every day, every little girls dream!

Jessica: When in your life, so far, have you felt most confident and why?

Becky: I have never felt more confident than I do now! I am living my life for me, being my authentic self and not apologizing for it. This has come from doing a lot of inner work, really getting to know myself, and believing in myself. Kettlebell training has helped with this confidence. When I began training I was timid and not confident with the bells but that changed as my body got stronger and found confidence in myself that I could do this. Nothing can stop me now. Keep showing up, follow your truth, and you will find your way.

Jessica: It would be really interesting to hear about any ambitions you have for the future?

Becky: My ambition for the future is to just keep showing up for myself and for my clients. To keep being my authentic self, growing, and learning and meeting amazing people along the way. Keeping my mind open to the possibilities that are to come. As Dr. Allan Phillips said in my brand video: "the best is yet to come."

Jessica: How do you think you being a woman is perceived by men?

Becky: I can't speak for all men but I know I am blessed to have a few great men in my life who help me believe that being a woman is my superpower.

Jessica: What do you wish other women or young girls knew about themselves?

Becky: You can do whatever you want. Be strong, be confident, be powerful. Be kind but don't take any bullshit.


Creative Credits:

Photography by Jessica Korff Studios

Makeup by: Renee Lanz | Radiate with ReneeJ

Dress Draping: Dresses draped and created by: Jessica Korff

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