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The Business of Photography.

Its Time for a New Era of Creative Success –

Tailored for the Introverted Photographer

In the quiet corners of your mind, where creativity thrives and your passion for photography burns brightest, lies a dream.

A dream of building a business that mirrors the essence of who you are – introspective, thoughtful, and profoundly creative.

You're not just a photographer. You're an artist seeking a path that respects your energy, cherishes your family time, and aligns seamlessly with the rhythm of your life.

This journey, though uniquely yours, doesn’t have to be a one you figure out on your own.

Hi, Im Jessica and I coach introverted photographer's like you through creating a business that they love, that is profitable and that aligns with their life. Creating success as an introvert in a business world built for extroverts.

Create "Know, Like and Trust" without ever saying a word.

Do you ever feel like your market is so saturated you are drowning in the crowd, waving your arms around just hoping you will get seen among the never-ending sea of other business owners in your industry?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? and that, in fact, you could be the exception?

That you could actually be the first one that gets their attention, and begin creating "know, like and trust" without saying a word.

My name is Jessica Korff, owner of Jessica Korff Studios and I create portraits for thought leaders that cut through the noise, elevate your brand, and help present you, as exactly the expert your clients aspire to work with and connect with.

Angelica V,

Senior Photographer

I highly recommend her for anyone who seeks a successful photography business!

“Working with Jessica has helped me tremendously with improving my photography business. She spent so much time with me on being sure I was off to a solid start in my success. I highly recommend her for anyone who seeks a successful photography business! Jessica is incredible!”

Angelica V,

Senior Photographer

How do we help?

Introducing Personalized Coaching for Introverted Photographers

Our one-on-one coaching is more than a program; it's 12-steps tailored for the introverted photographer who wants to create profit, success and clarity.

We understand that your energy is precious – a resource to be honored and protected. Its a space where we help you with the tangible steps, the client interactions and marketing, while not just giving permission -- but encouraging you to create boundary and space for rest and recharging.

Building a business, marketing, perfecting, and pushing through is no good if you're on the verge of burnout or overwhelm. Too many programs start with the hustle and then you have to figure out how to fit it in and not feel drained from it all.

That’s why our approach is built around crafting the weekly life you want to live and then designing a business around that.

Here, we are helping you establish a thriving business that gets to exist without the overwhelm.

Our Custom Headshot Session or Branding Session is for you if:
Our Custom Headshot Session or Branding Session is for you if:

Courses Crafted for working at your own pace in Your own Brilliance

Dive into our standalone courses, such as, clarity around your ideal client, creating a workflow or networking as an introvert, all designed for moving your business forward in small bites.

These aren’t just lessons; they're stepping stones to a business that flourishes on your terms.

Coming Soon: The Introverted Photographer's Society

An Exclusive Membership for Like-Minded Souls

Imagine a community where your introverted nature is not just understood but celebrated.

A space brimming with individuals who share your journey, challenges, and triumphs.

This membership is not just about business growth, with new topics, trainings, interviews or templates every month for your business success -- but also an oasis for the introverted photographer, a place to connect, grow, and redefine success on your terms.

Our Custom Headshot Session or Branding Session is for you if:

Free Resources:

Options to Help:

When you need a little more:

Brand Sessions - We have both Luxe and Signature options to get you what you need. Makeup included, strategy planning and style consult, multiple locations and looks to tell the full story of your brand.

Custom Headshots - When Branding isn't quite right, but you need lots of diverse selections. - Makeup included and style consultation, one location up to 3 looks. head and shoulders mixed with some 3/4 shots.

When you need a little less:

Headshot Minis - When you really just need 1-3 and want something quick. -Come ready to go, head and shoulders only, pop in and pop right out. 15 minute sessions- one simple look change (jacket change, jewelry change or throw the hair up).

Bite Size Brand Refresh - For when you have already done the branding foundation work and shots, but you have a new product, a seasonal business, or for coaches who are their brand and need some fresh content each quarter. -Makeup included, 30 minute shoot time, bring your props and get your looks and get on with your day.


Senior and wedding photographer

Once I did it, I couldn't believe how good I felt!

"I am afraid that I may come off rambling, it's just that I have such incredible things to say about my mentoring with Jessica. I came to her a huge mess, hoping that she would help sort me out. I thought I was making money in my photography business and unfortunately she had to point out that I was indeed not making hardly anything at all. She said my photography was beautiful, but my business sense was going to tank me, charging my worth/raising my prices was such a huge leap of faith for me.

Once I did it, I couldn't believe how good I felt. I continue to reach out to her for more mentoring regarding her brilliant business tactics. I refer her at any opportunity when I see anybody struggling with their business. I am becoming very successful because of her mentoring, and I can say that proudly!"


Senior and wedding photographer

Both custom headshots and branding sessions include:

Both custom headshots and branding sessions include:

- Makeup artistry

- Wardrobe consultation

- Credit towards your image purchase

- MOST IMPORTANTLY a strategy planning appointment to discuss who you are, who your business is, who your ideal clients are --so we can photograph in a way that gets their attention!

Branding sessions start at $1290 and include $1000 towards the purchase of your images Custom Headshot sessions start $690 and include $400 towards your image purchase.

Call today to see which fits your needs best.

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