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What Props Do I Need in My Personal Branding Shoot?

January 28, 20244 min read

Imagine stepping into a space where every element tells a part of your story — a realm where your passions, achievements, and dreams are not just spoken, but vividly displayed. Welcome to the world of personal branding photography, a powerful tool in your journey to not only showcase your professional excellence but also to celebrate your unique personal narrative.

I am often asked “What kind of props should I bring?”. I usually start with suggesting we use props sparingly. If it doesn't help you tell your story, leave it out. Everything from pose, to color to prop should be intentional. While most of the time we will work this out during your strategy and planning appointment, sometimes it's nice to know ahead of time what to be considering.

Apply these as needed and consider what you use in your brand to tell your story.

The Virtual Office - Your Laptop

Let's start with your laptop. It's more than just tech, right? It's your portable office, your education hub, your brainstorming tool, and your connection to clients and collaborators. If your laptop is an important part of your business and how you get things done, we want to showcase that.

Here are just a few things it can be used to express:

  • To show continuing education is important to you

  • To show you working on back end processes, workflows or organization

  • To show you in planning or research mode.

  • Showing you working 1:1 with virtual clients

  • Talking about content creation mode

  • Teaching or speaking for virtual workshops or conferences.

And of course for many more!

Think about how you use a laptop or computer in your business and consider if it is an important part of your story, does something above imply something that can help you stand out or tell an important story about what you do?

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2: Tools of Your Trade - They’re Kind of a Big Deal

Whether it's:

  • An artist's palette that screams creativity

  • A spine model that shows off your chiropractic magic

  • The makeup brushes you use as a makeup artist

  • The stethoscope you use as a medical professional or

  • The actual skin care products you use and sell

  • The podcast mic if you are a podcaster.

These aren’t just tools; they’re the heart of your craft. Let’s showcase them in a way that’s uniquely you, telling a story of dedication and skill.

Think about the tools you uniquely use in your business and industry. What do you use every day, or with every client? What helps showcase that, without a doubt, this is you and what you do?

businesses with their best tools

3: The Personal Twist – Props That Speak ‘You’

Then, let's add a dash of your personality. Whether it’s a cherished book or a piece of travel memorabilia, these props add warmth and relatability to your brand story. It's all about blending the professional with the personal in a way that feels authentic and engaging. It makes everything feel more real, more relatable, and 100% more you. Even better if they connect back to your brand voice or ideal client interests.

  • What are your favorite hobbies?

  • Maybe something you collect?

  • What about your favorite things or even clothing pieces in life?

As an example: I have a husky and could bring her in, I love plants and could definitely include them in the shoot, I actually own way too many coffee cups and love each and every one of them– I could bring one in! Maybe you are someone who loves fun socks or great hats? Let's showcase it and help your audience connect to you even more.

Yoga, books, art and fun coats

Section 4: Brand Essentials – The Professional Touch

Finally, don’t forget those essential brand elements. From stylish business cards to custom stationery, these items aren’t just accessories; they’re a visual representation of your brand's essence. They’re the perfect finishing touches that tie everything together.

  • Logoed items

  • Notebooks with great quotes or messages on them.

  • Pens with your logo on them or a color from your brand

  • Coffee mug with an essential message on it

  • Hoodies with your logo

  • shirts with a message that fits your brand voice perfectly.

What is it that's a signature 'you'? These are the elements that connect you with your audience on a deeper level.

Branding essentials

And there you have it! Each prop in your branding shoot is a key piece of your journey, blending your professional story with your personal passions. It’s more than just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of your unique path and the story you want to tell.

It’s your story, your way.

I’d love to hear what props you’d choose for your branding session! Drop me a line and let's discuss how to make your personal brand shine. ( If you’re ready to bring this vision to life, I’m here to help craft that perfect blend of professional and personal, creating images you’ll be proud of.

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